11 Best WordPress Development Companies in India 2024

WordPress is a CMS and makes website building very easy. Before WordPress, it was not easy to build our own website. WordPress offers some products and services that lead to creating the site quickly.

I think you are searching for some WordPress development companies in India. This blog will help you. Here are some handpicked WordPress development companies, you can pick and hire them.

Reliability is increased when we talk about Indian companies or onshore companies. There can have a good understanding between the company and the client.

WordPress development is easy but will be easier with these companies. Now you will have your own website soon.

WordPress development companies are specialized in website development with WordPress. They are hired for custom website development.

WordPress development is a very crucial part of your website. If you are a non-technical person then you will have to hire a good WordPress development company.

At the end of this blog, you will have a list of some selected WordPress development companies. You can hire anyone whichever suits you.

Let’s get started,

Best WordPress Development Companies In India

Here is a quick view of WordPress development companies in India

1Justech Creations
2WPWeb Infotech
3Windzoon Techno
4Spec India
6Growth Hackers Digital
9IIH Global
11Brainium Information Technologies

1. Justech Creations

Justech Creation is a top company on our list because of some reasons. First, its services are excellent and cost-effective. Second, not only service is vital but a client also needs support whenever it gets stuck. It offers personalized support as soon as possible. You will find the service and staff are dedicated to your work.

Its outstanding services include application development, web design, UI UX, and, WooCommerce, custom WordPress development. All top-notch services will provide you with the best result.

Justech Creation’s skilled team has huge knowledge and over 7 years of experience in WordPress development. It is a leading developer company in India.

For brief information, you can contact it. You can directly talk and get information about whatever you need.

2. WPWeb Infotech

WPWeb Infotech is one of the leading WordPress development companies in India. It offers multiple services related to WordPress that include Custom WordPress web development, WordPress responsive web design, WordPress payment gateway integration service, WordPress eCommerce development, and more.

It has completed more than 250 projects with a success rate of 98%. Its products are easy-to-use and customizable because if you don’t like the design or layout you can change and make it however you want to be.

Its expert will help you with SEO to make your site grow faster. You can use its plugins to extend the functionality of your site and also user experience.

3. Windzoon Techno

Windzoon Techno was developed in 2014 as a web design company but now it has emerged as a multiple service provider that includes web development, digital marketing, and mobile application development.

It has been set up in the USA, Australia & UK as well. If you need a reliable, highly qualified, and expert in website designing and website development in India then you can choose this.

If you are gonna open an online store then woocommerce development will help you.

You will definitely love its advanced WordPress development service. For more comfort, you can hire a WordPress developer.

4. Spec India

Spec India is one of the best web development companies. It has served over 40 countries with huge experience and knowledge. You can avail of its easy-to-use service. It has migrated over 100 websites.

It has expertise in WordPress Development, Custom Software Development, Software Testing & QA Services, PHP Development, and many more. Its cost-effective and speed-optimized service is impressive.

Business Digital Service helps the business in decision-making after analysis of business type, activity, problems, etc. Its dedicated team is brilliant in its work.

5. Lemosys

Lemosys is known for top class service that it offers to its clients. Custom WordPress Development Service is excellent and flexible. You can easily customize the sites and make them as you wish. It is one of the best platforms for e-commerce websites.

It operates from India and the USA and served over 250 clients successfully. High-quality results help to remove mistakes and make the site smother.

It offers SEO service which is really very useful for any website. It helps your site to rank in searches by bringing organic traffic.

Lemosys is emerging because of its highly skilled and experienced team dedicated to its profession.

6. Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is one of the best service provider companies. It helps to make the customer a WordPress site that is fast, reliable, easy-to-use & customized, and beautiful in looks. And these are some reasons that lead to prefer WordPress over other CMSs.

Believe me or not Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your site. You can take benefit of its content marketing strategies that will promote your site and your site will boost gradually.

If you find this company suitable for you and your website then this will be a good choice.

7. Uplers

Uplers avails the top developers to hire. Here you will find ReactJs Developers, PHP Developers, SEM & PPC Specialists, UX/UI Designers, WordPress Developers, NodeJs Developers, and many more.

These developers are from multiple remote countries and excelled in their skills. You can hire any developer as per your requirement that is available in your timeline.

Uplers was started in 2012 as an expertise-based service provider. Later understanding the lack of talent storage. And finding the perfect developer at the right time was difficult. Now it has many developers from multiple countries and is ready for your project.

8. Cmarix

Cmarix would also be a good choice for hiring a WordPress developer. There are some plans that you can choose as you are convenient. They will offer you the best developers with years of experience. They know how to make a website beautiful and attractive.

It has also specialized in WordPress Migration Services, WordPress Plugin Development, WordPress Multisite Services, WordPress Maintenance Services, WordPress Performance Optimization Services, etc. You can pick these services for your site. These services are specially provided for WordPress sites to ensure your site grows.

There are many benefits of hiring developers as you can give them ideas about your website precisely. The website will be more accurate however you want to make it.

9. IIH Global

IIh was established in 2013 as an IT company. Then started website development services till date it has developed numerous websites, web applications, and mobile applications along with digital marketing services.

Its user-centric and quick service helped it to grow faster. It is best known for excellent service and lightning-fast support. It offers personalized support to continue the flow of your website.

It will convert your dream into an elegant website that will be fast, user-friendly, smooth, fully functional, etc. Even you can hire developers from the company who will work for you.

10. ControlF5

As its name the company is also outstanding. It offers various services including Web Development, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, WordPress Services, eCommerce Services, Internet Marketing, and many more.

It will build a creative, attractive, and fast website. Whenever needed you can get its support that will definitely help you by providing the best solution.

It has a huge experience in its service and has delivered multiple projects successfully. It will be a good choice for your project. This will help you to achieve your dream.

11. Brainium Information Technologies

Brainium Information Technologies is one of the top companies. The best thing about this company is it provides quality products at a fast speed and gives the best experience to the clients.

If you have a unique idea then its custom website development is definitely for you. It will give the best results you want. Or if you want to open an online store then what are you waiting for Its eCommerce development will make you an elegant e-commerce website that allows you to earn money online.

If you require a developer then you can hire as per your need. Its services are suitable for many categories of websites.


Q. What are the benefits of hiring a WordPress developer?

Ans. There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional WordPress developer that is as follows,
Quality, Precision, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Speed, Flexibility, Time Saving, and many more.

Q. Which is cheaper WordPress development company or Hiring a Developer?

Ans. It is not fixed it’s upon you. If you want premium services from the company the company will be costly, and if you choose a premium plan while hiring a developer then it will be costly.

Q. Which skills are essential to be a WordPress developer?

Ans. To be a WordPress developer you will have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Git, and WordPress frameworks. These are used while working on WordPress.


Building a website was not an easy task before WordPress. One had to learn to code for a website. But now WordPress made it super easy for everyone. And became easier because of these WordPress development companies.

These WordPress development Companies in India excel in their services. They have huge knowledge and experience of the work which helps to offer the best service to the clients.

These companies are located in India so the communication and understanding would be better with them.

Here is a list of the best WordPress development companies in India. You can pick any company and proceed further. I am sure this blog will help you. Or if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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